A matter of belonging

Fascinating example of community facilitation gone somewhat askew (some might say very!) over at the WordPress.com forums over the last few days.
To sum it up, drmike, a ridiculously active and giving moderator / helper both there and at the WPMU forums got his credentials revoked.
Now, obviously I don’t know *anything* about the stuff that led up to that, so I’m not going to even attempt to comment, but the principle of essentially firing an unpaid, stupendously involved and committed community member comes across as a bit odd to me… unless there are extreme circumstances.
You know, abuse / crime / vilification etc. I’m not sure if ‘certian stresses’ fall under that banner.
Oh, OK then, I am commenting a bit, drmike has impressed me greatly for sometime and he hardly seems to be likely to engage in any of the above!
But more to the point, can you really do that (ditch an […]

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